Continuing our commitment to Educational Outreach,
EMQ will conduct a clinic at your School, College or University.
EMQ works with the Music Dept to tailor the clinic to meet your needs. Clinics can be combined with a concert. 
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Click for a video of a recent concert where high school music students play Now is the Time arranged by our sax player and Yamaha Artist Nelson Hill: VIDEO

EMQ is in discussions with the UN
about The Jazz Peace Initiative (Jazz Education)

The Initiative:
The Initiative consists of several programs for
children and adults alike! The Initiative includes the following activities:
Introduction of the Eric Mintel Quartet, the performers of the group
and a brief musical history of the EMQ and their achievements.
A. Jazz Awareness: Which is designed to explain how jazz music
works and guides the participants to a better and more
knowledgeable understanding of jazz such as:
1. Brief history of jazz and it's roots.
2. The jazz performers who made jazz popular in the 20th century.
B. Improvisation: How jazz musicians improvise on any given tune.
This section is more of a performance oriented section where
performance of examples of jazz tunes are performed and broken
down into sections such as:
1. Song form.
2. Scale theory.
3. Blues scales.
4. Spontaneous creation during a jazz solo and where did the music
come from and can the participants pick out familiar themes in the
improvisations as a listening tool.
C. The Language of jazz: This section is designed to give the
participants a knowledge of how jazz musicians communicate on the
band stand and how the communication is achieved without
sometimes uttering a single word and how listening is a key
ingredient in jazz.
D. Various styles of Jazz: A Rhythmic Approach: Just like there are
many different cultures throughout the world, jazz has many different
rhythmic styles which are inherent in the music such as Latin, Swing,
Be Bop, Odd meter 5/4, 7/4, 9/8, Jazz Fusion and more.
E. Groups: Participants who play and instrument are broken up into
groups such as drummers, bass players, piano players, horn
players, guitar players etc and each group is given a more detailed
approach to improvisation.
F. Performance: Towards the end of the workshop participants are
invited to come together and perform on a blues. They are
encouraged to improvise on the blues scale as we guide them
through the changes of a 12 bar blues.
F. Question and Answer: This section gives the participants a little
more insight on the Eric Mintel Quartet, their history and
performances and can answer musical questions maybe not covered
during the workshop.
A concert by the EMQ typically follows in the evening for the
participants and the community.
Original songs by Eric Mintel are performed, the rarely heard music
of Dave Brubeck, classic TV show themes and songs from the Great
American Songbook including works by Gerswhin, Hammerstien and
Workshop typically lasts: 1hour to 1 /12 hours.
This workshop is a lot of fun, interactive, exciting and the participants
come away with a better understanding off jazz music and it's
positive effects on the world.

Eric Mintel
Bandleader of the Eric Mintel Quartet
514 Scott Road, Perkasie, PA
T: 267-322-0163  /

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